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PPC Services in Orlando

Unleash the potential of PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a unique and upcoming way of growing your business. While traditional SEO refers to driving organic growth through a long and calculated process, Orlando PPC relies on a targeted approach, resulting in increased views for your website.

How Do We Bring Leads Through PPC

Smart and Planned Strategy

An effective PPC campaign needs to identify the core of your business, match it up with statistical data available, and combine to execute an action that produces results. Our Orlando pay per click advertising works like this:-

01. Keywords

Identifying keywords is the primary step. Keywords are how a user searches for your website. Knowing the crucial keywords is essential in making profitable campaigns through PPC.

02. Content

Getting more views through clicks on your website is one step; keeping your audience retained is another. Good content builds trust and reliability amongst your customers.

03. Call-To-Action

CTA is one of the essential tools in Digital Marketing. Your CTA needs to be attractive to get more customers to click. Some examples include Download now, listen now.

04. Extensions

We at Viver provide various extensions to enhance your PPC further. Extensions work by adding a range of customizability for your PPC Campaigns which in turn produces better results.

05. Optimizations

Once a campaign has run, our analytical tools help us understand the data. Accordingly, minor tweaks are made to optimize the campaign for maximal results.

06. Results

A good PPC can bring in far more revenue than the money spent. That’s where we take pride in providing PPC services that will bring increased revenue for your business.

Why PPC (Pay Per Click)?

PPC is vital in the digital world to highlight your product and make it stand out. Google AdWords Orlando is one of the most popular forms of PPC. PPC works by targeting through a systematic approach wherein your website is displayed on top for relevant searches. The relevant searches are determined through the keywords used. A good PPC campaign can bring in loads of revenue.

PPC Services We Offer

Satisfy Your Needs

Viver has been the pioneer in providing PPC services and is consistently regarded as one of the most effective PPC agency Orlando. We have a one-stop solution for all the digital needs of your business. The various PPC services offered by us include:-

Search Ads

These are the keywords people usually search. Search Ads are created by identifying the top keywords for your business and designing an effective PPC campaign.

Display Ads

These ads are shown on other websites when users browse through the website. Display Ads are effective and bring in a significant increase of users on your website.

Shopping Ads

Blogs and other informational sources on the Internet often talk about a problem and the solution. When it comes to avenues like beauty, nutrition, targeted PPC works by providing the answer in the form of a product your business sells.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is a widely used platform for streaming content. Ads are placed before, in-between, and towards the end of the video. Engaging Ads makes the user interested and more likely to click on the Ad.

Social Media Ads

These are ads used on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Social Media is widely used by people and hence provides a great source of advertisement.


Sometimes, ad campaigns don’t work how they’re intended to work. Remarketing involves thorough market research to identify the customer behavior and strategies of the marketing campaign accordingly.

Why Us for PPC Services

We at Viver take pride in the quality of services we provide. When it comes to ppc management company Orlando, it’s essential to identify an excellent organization to help you with your digital needs. Our team contains experts in the digital field who have been working in this industry for decades and provide exceptional results based on the objectives and goals of our clients. Few reasons you should hire services from us are:-

Multiple Services

While our PPC services are prevalent and sought-after, we at Viver provide numerous services related to digital marketing. This makes it perfect for a one-stop solution for all your business needs. You don’t have to juggle between different companies for the same task.

Quick Service

Right from the point you take our services, our team gets on the job to fulfill the objectives. We have separate groups for research, writing, and technology. This division and coordination between our teams help us deliver results to you in a quick time.


Viver has consistently been rated as one of the most reliable service providers in the field of Digital Marketing. Being in this field for many years, we take pride in delivering satisfying results to our clients, backed by our company’s reputation.


Viver exclusively caters to the Digital field and provides services involving Digital marketing. This helps us gain expertise in our market. Working with a diverse range of clients has helped us understand the needs and wishes of a diverse group of organizations.

Leverage PPC Marketing

When it comes to ppc advertising orlando fl, leveraging your market is essential. Pay Per Click works more as a B2B (Business to Business) campaign than B2C (Business to Customer). The right keywords need to be identified and content relatable to your audience to get the maximal results out of your PPC Campaign. That’s where we at Viver come in. Our campaign managers are professionals with market knowledge to leverage the best out of your PPC Campaigns.


Increase In Revenue


Positive Feedback


More Conversion

Achieve Your Goal With PPC

Grow your Business

If you’re running a business on the Internet, chances are you’ve thought about strategies to improve growth. With millions of websites on the Internet, it becomes a cut-throat competition to emerge on top. A good PPC strategy helps in increasing traffic to your website. PPC is a rapidly focused form of advertising. It targets based on the criteria put forth. Hence, if you understand the market and your customers, your returns from PPC will be substantial.

We at Viver deliver exceptional results through our thorough market surveys to identify the customers. Multiple teams vet our PPC campaigns to find the ideal balance. Then, once the campaign is run, we analyze it and tweak changes based on the market demands. We deliver a high rate of returns for all our customers utilizing our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is a form of direct advertising, whereas SEO is a form of Organic Growth. The results from PPC are usually faster but cost more money to sustain it. In contrast, SEO's traffic stays for the long run.
A good PPC campaign attracts the audience enough to click on the link. This is done by using creative catchphrases and combining them with keywords that are required by search engines.
There are multiple platforms to take help from to run your PPC campaigns. Some of the most popular ones include WordPress, Google AdWords.
PPC delivers results reasonably quickly. It depends on whether a campaign is successful, but since it's a paid form of advertising, the process starts quickly.
In the digital world, you need a healthy mix of both. SEO is vital for the long run as it builds the base of your website. PPC is good to get an influx of traffic for initial periods or special occasions like a sale.

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Why PPC Marketing for Your Business

Satisfy Your Needs

If your company is on the internet, you need to market it. There is a good chance your product has multiple other competitors offering a similar range of services. PPC helps you stand out. Customers are more likely to find your website through search results and, in turn, click on it to drive traffic.

Easy Entry

PPC is a relatively easy form of Entry. It does not require extensive work, as in the case of SEO. Researching essential keywords and creating a creative campaign is all you need to get started.

Brand Awareness

A good PPC campaign works on improving your brand’s image. Customers are more likely to identify your business or associate it with specific keywords.

Audience Prioritization

PPC is highly customized and targeted. This makes it easier for you to determine your campaigns on specific demographics or other criteria.

Low Efforts

PPC is comparatively more expensive than SEO, but it requires less effort. Once you have your keyword, you can start running your campaign and tweak it if it doesn’t produce results.

Trackable Insights

Our analytics tool gives you real-time updates on the performance of your PPC campaigns which help you see the progress and determine the future course of action.

Quick Results

PPC is guaranteed to deliver you immediate results. Right from when your campaign is run, you can start expecting results.

How Does PPC Work

Next Step for Digital Growth

PPC works by running campaigns on other websites which redirect to your website. Effectively, this leads to more customers viewing your site, and in turn, more sales. A good PPC campaign is catchy and draws the attention of the customer.



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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

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Trusted by Experts

In case you still have any queries regarding PPC campaigns, we answer the most commonly asked questions. You could also read up on our customer’s testimonials and see what they have to say on taking Viver’s services.


We deliver exceptional results according to the client’s requirements. We follow a customer-oriented approach and utilize our team’s expertise to generate results.
We understand the value of money. Viver tries to ensure that the services provided are cost-effective and provide the best return-on-investment for your business.
Our team of experts is there to guide you at every step and help grow your business. We have highly skilled employees who take pride in delivering the best to the customers.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible !

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